I find beauty in the affection that animals show humans, symmetrical architecture, sweeping landscapes, patterns in nature, and a close-up view of the macro world. 
My photography reflects these interests but there are two that my business will focus on, food and pets.
I have always loved good, beautiful food. When i took up photography food in various forms naturally began to emerge in my work. I love finding new little places that have great food and taking photos. From menu item and website photos to highlight series designed for social media I can get it done.
Animals, especially our four-legged family members, are near and dear to my heart. Ever since I was a kid I loved to play and rough house with dogs and since 2012, when I became a cat daddy, I have loved them as well. I was also fascinated by animals in the wild as well as in the zoos, always appreciating them in their own way. 
My own two cats were my first inspiration for photographing animals, they were familiar with me and always at hand, but I branched out and explored the world to see what creatures I could capture with my lens. The magnificent animals of the world will forever be a source of inspiration for me, both in photography and in life as wonders to behold. 
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